Scaffolding giant Turner Access in collaboration with Danish company

Nordic Platform composit deck turner access

Revolutionary solution for the offshore industry comes to life in collaboration between giant & innovator.

Danish Nordic Platform has landed a large-scale partnership with the international scaffolding giant Turner Access.

Nordic Platforms unique composite decks for the scaffolding industry is the key that opened the door to the partnership.

Our partnership with Nordic Platform secures a vast number of development opportunities. It is pure logic to take the next step with Nordic Platform. Composite as a material is not unique it is the way the use the material in the scaffolding industry. No one else in the world can do what Nordic Platform does. Knud Højland Pedersen, Managing Director at Turner Access.


Massive international Growth potential

The collaboration with Turner Access can without a doubt ensure an international scale-up for Nordic Platform & ensure that their revolutionary product expands in both the onshore & offshore industry Per Mose Jacobsen Managing Director at Nordic Platform explains.

Turner entered the partnership because both companies has a need to collaborate in order to deliver the perfectly combined solution. It is a grand sign of approval of both our company & our unique composite solution. The partnership with Turner Access ensures that we develop an offshore kit that combines our strengths. I am proud that Nordic Platform succeeded in landing a partnership with a giant such as Turner Access.

Nordic Platform has from the very beginning experienced growth on the international scene & the company was picked as one of the 10 finalist companies at Scale-Up Denmarks Centre for Offshore Industry for that particular reason:

Norway gave us our first order & it is ironic but since the beginning, our greatest success has been international. Austria & New Zealand are also on our order list… We have to act now & run with it while the opportunities are here. That is also the reason why we applied for the Scale-Up Denmark program. We have to act, grow & develop now.

Innovation is born in the collaboration between the giant & the innovator

As a finalist in Scale-Up Denmark Centre for Offshore Industry. Nordic Platform goes through a program where the company exactly as needed gains access to larger & more experienced corporates & develop their business through intensive training focused on scaling the company’s business base.

Nordic Platform truly has the right cards to deal when it comes to scaling their company. That is one of the key factors when we choose the finalists for our grand competition. The market potential is massive for Nordic Platform & they bring innovation to an industry that has been almost staling when it comes to development for the past 20 years. We know they deliver top quality & we see a huge potential for development. Lisbeth Valther, Responsible for Scale-up Denmark.

An anchor point in the Scale-Up Denmark growth program where large corporates are connected to the finalist SMEs & Startups. Is to create new partnerships for Development. The grand partnership with Turner Access was ensured based on a serious & committed effort from Nordic Platform, & it clearly emphasizes their potential for & the quality of their product.

Now Nordic Platform & Turner Access dive deep into the development process & use our department for design & development to find the perfect integrated solution of our respective products. We would love to open Turner Access to a broad innovative collaboration with various different companies & the Scale-Up Denmark setup definitely spells opportunities to me. Nordic Platform. Knud Højland Pedersen, Managing Director Turner Access.

For further information:

Per Mose Jacobsen, Managing Director, Nordic Platform, + 45 40360075,

Knud Højland Pedersen, Managing Director, Turner Access +44 7391 017 964,

Lisbeth Valther, Head of Scale-up Denmark, +45 20308452,

Mette Husted, Head of Communication Scale-Up Denmark, +45 40730418,

About Nordic Platform:

  • Established in the summer of 2012 with one specific aim. To challenge a conservative scaffolding industry.
  • The scaffolding industry traditionally uses wood, steel & aluminium for scaffolding decks.

Nordic Platforms AIRSTEPS composite decks offer a variety of advantages compared to conventional scaffolding decks:

  • Can be customized in any color and provided with their logo – reduce the risk of theft
  • Extremely light – for preventing lifting injuries
  • Extremely strong – has been proven for years in the wind turbine technology
  • Flexible – Available in all lengths and widths
  • Available for all scaffolding systems
  • Fire-resistant (UL94 V-0) – spread of a fire on the construction site is prevented
  • Technological test – fulfills all the latest standards
  • Acids and alkalis-resistant – extends service life of the product
  • AIRSTEPS planks are IPR – protected under a PCT-patent.

About Turner Access:

  • Founded in 1912 in Glasgow
  • An annual turnover of 300 mio. £
  • More than 2.400 employees primarely outside of Scotland
  • One of the worlds leading scaffolding producers.
  • 41.000 squarefeet of production facilities.

About Scale-up Denmark:

  • The Scale-Up Denmark initiative is a national initiative founded in a collaboration between the five Danish regions & the Danish Business Authority.
  • The purpose is with foundation in the regional industry strengths to attract Danish & international high growth companies to individual training programs in the 10 accelerator environments spread across Denmark.
  • The aim is to create 1.200 new jobs in Denmark & to secure an additional turnover of 2 billion Danish kr. among the finalist companies.
  • The program is financed by the regional Growth forums & EUs fund for regional development & private funding.
  • The Program collaborates with the established business community to create strong professional ecosystems to support the companies in innovating services & products to benefit the industry.

Scale-Up Denmarks founders: