19 companies ready for Next Step Challenge 2017

Har du ambitioner for din virksomhed. Nå nye højder med sparring fra førende eksperter om netop dine udfordringer

Business development for ambitious companies

Our 2017 edition of Next Step Challenge just kicked off on February 1st. Prior to that, we published a press release.

Because we are now a part of SCALE-UP DENMARK & run 2 of the 10 national elite centers  Offshore Industry & Energy Efficient Technologies.

19 entrepreneurs & SMEs will over the coming 5 months take part in Next Step Challenge 2017 & one candidate from each branch will enter into the national SCALE-UP DENMARK grand finale come fall.


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You can join the program too

Does your company have ambitions? Do you need inspiration from the industry?
Do you doubt how to achieve and maintain growth?
Do you have an increased workload – without increasing results?
Does your competences meet up with the requests for the future?
Do you wish to expand your network and build relations within the industry?
Do you sometimes need sparring when making tough decisions?
Do you seek advice from someone, who has done it before?
Structure is the key Have a 360° customized business development program with a mix of workshops and advisory board meetings, with business experts from your industry. Working with business experts and having new eyes on the business, makes you gain more confidence when making difficult decisions and increases your networking opportunities.

Work with your strategies in a more systematic approach and have it verified by a group of experienced industry leaders who will help you take your business to the next level.
Gain new competences This program is for all small and medium sized businesses with ambitions to scale and develop successful and profitable business growth.

Benefit from 6 workshops, 6 individual sessions with your business expert and 4 meetings with your customized advisory board to identify your business pains, market barriers and potentials for growth.