It takes a genius to get from 35.000 decisions to 1!

Quampo_speech about making decisions at their Next Step Challenge participation

Algorithm based decisions science? Or should we say – THE algorithm that helps you & your company make the right decision every day!

Commercialization and entering the offshore industry was the motivation when Qampo applied for our 2017 program, nothing more, nothing less.

No matter how your wizarding skills are when it comes to math, it does necessarily get you every step of the way towards being a large-scale company.

“The program took us for a helicopter ride, letting us observe our own company from a different perspective. We keep seeing the potential of our product in every test and order we landed. But we were challenged when having to deliver the message of what it is we can give the world. I can without a doubt say, that we got to the finishing line, able to deliver a short and very relatable story of why we are here, how we deliver and what we can do for our customers.

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