MM Survey: bringing offshore onshore

Having extra eyes on your offshore installations without the safety risk and costs of having personnel offshore – that is a reality with Asset Management 360° virtual documentation from MM Survey AND it provides all data and documentation in one merged system.


MM Survey and their Asset Management System entered the Next Step Challenge program with a hint of skepticism:

“I thought I was running my business in the best possible way and I never thought of having advisors to look at the company. However now I see the relevance of having extra eyes on the business models, strategies etc.”, explains CEO Marcin Mikolajczyk.

After just a few meetings with the professional advisory board, MM Survey was challenged on specific items in their business model. And with advice from some of the largest players in the offshore industry, MM Survey is now working even more focused on the strategies.

“We see the need for scheduled maintenance and shorter down time in the offshore platforms, and we can meet that need with instant data and documentation from our software,” explains Marcin Mikolajczyk. “We just need to adapt the products to the customer’s organizations in order to match all needs. That is where advices from inside large offshore companies are essential for us to know how to adapt and sell the products.”

MM Survey delivers both laser scanning and the system; Asset Management where high quality 360° panoramic images are linked together into a walk-through environment with the plan drawing of the facility. The photographic documentation of the asset gives a quick site visit and is easy to use without training. When the user is not familiar with the platform, he can use POI system that will display each valve or other component on the platform.


The Asset Management System is a valuable resource in preparing larger projects, in communication between departments, in documentation & certification as well as in instruction and training aspects. The use is multipurpose and the benefits are multipurpose; from safety, risk and cost reduction to high-end convenience.
At the moment The Asset Management System is used in 87 offshore platforms, 2 FSO’s and Oil refineries – all in all more than 100.000 oil & gas assets has been photographed and linked from MM Survey.

In Next Step Challenge we are proud to facilitate the training and advices that takes MM Survey to the next step.

Members of the Advisory Board for MM Survey:

Business Expert Michael Madsen Owner & Business Advisor OurProduct
Industry Expert Adrian Rozsondai BD Manager Semco Maritime
Community Mentor Peter Harbo BD Manager Port of Esbjerg
Community Mentor Simone La Fontaine Project Manager


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