DigitalGuest: Everything hotel guests need is only one click away!

DigitalGuest is a digital guest welcome book that optimizes the communication between hotels and hotel guests. The web-based platform allows hotels to provide practical information about their facilities and services in an innovative and creative manner. Moreover, through DigitalGuest hotels get the opportunity to delight their guests with their valuable local knowledge regarding the town, local attractions, culture and much more.

Hotels are now able to share their knowledge and valuable information in a personalized manner with each guest. Moreover, hotels are also able to save the enormous amount of time and resources needed to update their paper guest books, as well as the countless variety of flyers on the reception desk. DigitalGuest combines all information in one place.

Pavlina Nikolova, Support & Marketing Manager in DigitalGuest explains: 
“The advisory board challenged us to view our business more critically and to objectively define our value proposition – not only how we add value to our clients – the hotels, but also to the hospitality industry and the guest experience as a whole. In return this helped us not only to target our sales and marketing activities, but to be even more passionate when pitching our business idea to new clients and potential partners.”

“Finding the right business model and strategy can be quite challenging. Throughout the different camps and advisory meetings, we discussed in detail what could be the most successful business strategy that best corresponds to our vision. We got confirmed that we should continue to focus on developing strategic partnerships with hotels, hotel management system providers, and other interest parties.

Considering the fact that we do not have any direct competitors in Denmark and only a few internationally, the program assisted us in targeting our sales and marketing activities even more.

Furthermore, the board suggested very interesting market opportunities that we hadn’t thought about before – for example that our behavioral data can be a valuable source of revenue,” ends Pavlina Nikolova, Support & Marketing Manager in DigitalGuest.

The advisory board for DigitalGuest:

Søren Xerxes Frahm – Founder & CEO – Artlinco
Frank Panduro – Direktør – Panduro Management Horsens
Poul Kristian Mouritsen – Bestyrelsesformand – Danhostel
Jan Helsinghoff – Bureauleder – Købmand Hansens Feriehusudlejning

Everything hotel guests need is only one click away - this is DigitalGuest!

DigitalGuest is technology for hotels and a Next Step Challenge Finalist 2018

The potential of saving enormous amount of time and resources and proving all information guests need during they stay even before they asked about it, has been a challenge for almost every hotel around the world.

Often, the reception desk is quite busy and hotel staff is not able to answer every question guest might have during their stay. Being able to eliminate guests’ frustrations when they are not provided with basic hotel information has enormous potential.

The hotel industry is consistently challenged by other accommodation service providers that offer more personalized experiences. The main focus of the tourism and hospitality industry is to provide exceptional service and unique experiences. However, in today’s industry hotels are pressured to find new and creative ways to keep up with the constantly rising competition.

And this is exactly when DigitalGuest comes in play – to capture the attention of hotel guests, allow them to connect with the city and local culture, and provide a more informed and enjoyable stay.

Hotels can stand out from the competition by providing exceptional service, however it is always busy on the reception, which leaves guests with quite a few questions that need to be answered right away.

Facts on DigitalGuest:

• DigitalGuest is a web-based digital guest book and communication platform in one that allows hotels to communicate more effectively with their guests.

• The digital guest book allows hotels to digitalize print materials and contribute to a more sustainable hotel industry.

• Already existing client portfolio including some of the biggest hotel chains in Denmark and in 4 international markets.

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